Spider Control: 6 Causes of a Spider Infestation

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If you see several spiders in your house, you are likely wondering why they got there and how you can eliminate them. One of the best and safest ways to do this is by calling an organic spider exterminator. If you are from Beaverton, you’d best rely on Beaverton pest control services that specialize in natural spider control to help you with an infestation.

Successful spider control requires expert spider exterminator services for long-term results.

There are several reasons why spiders keep coming into your home. We’re here to give you an insight as to why that happens alongside a few tips to prevent them from spreading.

1: Spiders love clutter.

Spiders are always on the lookout for the best hiding spots. Once they do, they will stay and reproduce there. They’ll even choose to spend the rest of their lives there as long as they’re safe and have a steady food source which usually consists of other smaller pests that persist in the surroundings. That’s why it’s recommended to clean out your clutter for preventive spider control.

The ideal hiding areas for spiders are within wall cracks, near old books, and in magazines. You will probably also see them under your sink and inside your cramped cabinets.

But the best spot for spiders are usually in attics, basements and garages. Why? Because that’s usually where they’ll find all the clutter. You can get rid of spiders in these areas by cleaning them regularly and using environmentally-friendly spider control solutions.

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2: Small openings allow spiders to enter easily.

For effective spider control, thoroughly check the inside and outside of your house for any openings or cracks. Moreover, you should inspect the areas near your doors and windows carefully and seal any openings that are caused by external elements such as the weather.

You can put screens if you do not have them yet. Checking the walls for cracks and sealing any opening by using caulking can also help prevent spiders from entering your home. As long as the spiders have fewer entry points, it will be more difficult for them to get inside.

3: Spiders are attracted to dirt and grime.

Regular home cleaning is basic to spider control. Dark, dirty, and cluttered spots are the best places for spiders to hide—these spots also attract ants and other small insects which spiders love to feed on.

To control and eliminate spiders, you need to remove all the dirt and grime aside from using organic pesticides to keep pests at bay. Don’t forget to regularly and thoroughly vacuum your house. You should not miss vacuuming under the bed, chairs, couch, and other furniture pieces since spiders love these spots a lot.

Cleaning your ceiling fans, light fixtures, and corners located up high also help with spider control since these are where these critters often build their webs. You should also sweep and mop your kitchen and clean any spills and crumbs right away. Always keep in mind that a clean home will not draw spiders in.

4: Your outdoor space may be a breeding ground for spiders.

If you haven’t done any spider control measures outdoors, you should not be surprised in case you suddenly see them indoors. Aside from making sure that there is no access for spiders and other bugs by keeping your interiors clean all the time, you should also do preventative measures outside your house. You can do this by trimming nearby trees and shrubs, especially those touching your structures as they provide highways for spiders to traverse into your home. You should also do proper maintenance of the walls outside your house.

Other preventive spider control tips include keeping stacks of firewood far from your home. Make sure that you chimney flue is always closed when you are not using it. Leaving any entry point to your house open for only a few seconds can invite spiders to come inside.

5: Spiders are attracted to food.

Because spiders feed on other pests, they are more attracted to your home if you have other bugs and insects. Therefore, it is likely that other pests are present in your home regardless if you see them or not because of the presence of spiders.

It is best to consult a pest control company in Beaverton to assess your home. After they inspect and confirm that spiders and other pests are present, they can help you decide on how to remove them. I highly recommend the use of natural pest control products, especially if you have children or pets in your home.

6: It’s simply that time of the year for spiders.

One of the possible reasons why spiders appear in your house is because it is their mating period. This usually happens towards the start of the fall season when spiders prefer to hide in clutters and dark places so that they can build their nests and reproduce more easily.

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Nevertheless, spiders behave differently during the mating season. Male spiders go out to look for a mate. Due to this, it might look like spiders have infiltrated your home, but it is actually just the male spiders looking for a partner.

You need to take several actions to prevent spiders from entering your home, including barring their access to food (primarily other pests like ants, mosquitoes, and other smaller bugs). A reliable spider pest control expert in Beaverton like Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control can help you with this.

More Natural Spider Control Tips to Get Rid of Spiders Permanently

Here are additional spider control tips that can help:

  1. Remove plants near entrances to your home. Spiders usually wait out for prey in stones, leaves, and plants. It will be best to remove the ones located near the entrance of your home. Removing these from the proximity of your windows and doors helps ensure they can’t enter your premises.
  2. Turn off the lights. Spiders enter homes to look for food most of the time. As mentioned, they like feeding on other bugs. However, the bugs that spiders prefer are usually drawn by lighting sources. For effective spider control, simply turn off your lights when they are not in use. You can also use sodium vapor lights in yellow and opaque filters for your lights indoors.
  3. Use peppermint spray. Peppermint spray is an organic pest control product you can use for spiders since they hate peppermint a lot. You can create your peppermint spray by filling a spray bottle with water and mix 25 drops of peppermint essential oils. Spray this in different parts of your house including bed covers, curtains, and furniture.

Organic Spider Pest Control Services in Beaverton

The reasons above should help you zero in as to why there are spiders in your home. Following the tips above should help lessen or eliminate them altogether. If you’ve done all precautions but still find spiders in your home, then you might be having an infestation.

Natural pest control services are your best bet if you want to get rid of spiders at home. Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control is among the best pest control companies in Beaverton that offer safe and eco-friendly spider control treatments. Give us a call today at 503-713-9590 so we can give you a thorough assessment and put an end to your spider problem for good!